Stronger Schools  

A high quality public education that is free to all children is the foundation of the American ideals of freedom, security, and opportunity for all.  

As a graduate of the Arizona Public School system - back when it was properly funded and functioning well - Angela knows that Arizona is capable of a strong and successful public school system.  The problem is that starting in 1995, the Republican controlled Legislature has systematically starved our schools of the resources they need to succeed.   The current state of our schools is the result of willful choices by extremists who do not believe in public education. 

Angela will fight everyday at the Legislature to restore our public schools so they work for everyone and so every child has the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

Secure Job

Anyone who works full-time should be able to earn enough money to provide food, housing, and clothing for their family.  No full-time worker in Arizona, or America, should have to live below the poverty line.  For a family of four, this translates into a salary of at least $23,550 a year, or $11.30 an hour.  We must raise the minimum wage in Arizona, because right now it is a poverty wage, not a living wage.  

In addition we must bring higher paying, high quality jobs to our West Valley communities.   We need to attract jobs in manufacturing, information technology, health services, and more.  We need to be a community where companies bring jobs that pay well and provide full benefits.  

Angela will work with our local and state leaders to raise the minimum wage and bring more and better jobs to the West Valley.

Safeguard Women

All reproductive health care decisions should be private between a woman, her doctor, her family, and her faith.  

No woman should have to explain her reproductive health choices to her employer.   We need to elect Democrats in Legislative District 19, who will consistently fight Cathi Herrod and the Center for Arizona Policy whenever they push for government intrusion into any aspect of women’s health care choices, and into what should be the most private aspect of our lives, when and with whom we have a child. 

In addition, we need to provide comprehensive sex education for students.  The best way to combat sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancies, and abuse, is to educate young people about how their bodies work, and their right to say “No”.   Countless studies have shown that it is ignorance, not education, which leads to risky behavior and its devastating consequences.

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